Garden Furniture Life and its Place in the World!

Garden Furniture Life is a major distributor of Garden Furniture, Barbecues, Hammocks and other Patio and Garden Living Products.  We offer a huge range which includes all the major brand names as well as our own branded products all of which feature speedy delivery supported by a Friendly and Helpful Customer Services Team.  Garden Furniture Life is a web site that is owned by Gudrum Classics Ltd and is part of a family that includes: and

Simply Log Cabins is a major supplier of all forms of garden buildings including Summer Houses, Green Houses, Play Houses, Pavillions, Garden Sheds, of course – Log Cabins and Garden Sheds.  The range on Simply Log Cabins is quite simply vast.  If you are looking for any sort of garden building then look no further!  Even if you dont see what you want on the web site then please simply call us to chat through.  the Simply Log Cabins web site also does many buildings that are intended for other purposes including for Schools, Camp Sites, Camping Pods, Public buildings, Cafe’s, Office Buildings and much more.

Garden Chic is a major supplier of almost all outdoor living accessory products from Garden Furniture to Picnic Baskets and from Summer Houses to Fencing materials.  Theer are over 5000 products on the garden chic web site.  It is always well worth a visit to catch up with what is new and the latest trends and special offers.

The 2016 Garden Furniture season has been really very good.  Most of the garden furniture came into the country well before the Brexit vote so onthe whole the industry has not been severely affected by Brexit and its accompanying impact on exchange rates.  The brand new 2017 season will soon be on us – as a company we have re-doubled our sourcing efforts in the Far East to try to mitigate the lower exchange rates as far as possible.  We are always VERY aware that we must maintain the superb quality that we have become reknown for but at the same time constantly look for efficiencies so that we are able to offer that quality to our customers at the best possible pricing.  We are now working with a number of new factories – all of whom are able to offer stunning quality, prompt delivey, easy to understand assembly and user instructions and above all great value.

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