5 Key garden furniture products and everything you need to know about them

5 Key garden products and everything you need to know about them

1)    The Rattan Cube Set
Rattan cube sets have fast become one of the most popular choices for outdoor dining. Their adaptable design means that they can not only be used for dining but also for relaxing. Rattan cube sets can be purchased in a variety of different sizes and with a variety of different seating options. Cube sets are available in 2 / 4 person, 4 / 8 person, and 6 / 10 person. These sets typically consist of a table, armchairs with fold down back rests and footstools that can be used as additional seating. The chairs are comfortable and supportive and include seat and back cushions and the stools come with a thick cushion so that they are comfortable when used as seating and when not using this set for dining they are perfect for putting your feet up and relaxing.
The key feature that sets cube dining furniture aside from other types of garden furniture is that when they are not being used the stools fit away under the chairs and the chairs fit away under the table creating a unique space saving design. Most of the cube sets have a weather resistant cover option so that during the colder months the set can be tucked away in the corner of the garden and completely covered so that you will not need to take up any space in the shed or garage over the winter months
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2)    The Corner Dining Set
Rattan corner dining sets are up and coming in the garden furniture industry. These versatile rattan garden furniture sets consist of an L shaped corner sofa which can typically seat around 5 people, a generous rectangular table with a tempered glass surface and 3 footstools which then creates seating for up to 8 people. All of the rattan corner sets that we have at Garden Furniture Life include comfortable seat cushions and pillow style back cushions for optimum comfort and style.
The key feature that sets rattan corner dining sets aside is that the multifunctional design will enable you to enjoy alfresco dining with all the family but will also provide you with a comfortable place to relax and unwind, simply move the table aside and put your feet up on the padded footstools. With a wide variety of colours available you can rest assured that this garden furniture will sit beautifully in a large garden or patio area.
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3)    The Sun Lounger
Sun loungers have been an essential garden furniture piece for many years. They are available in a wide selection of styles and material types to suit all needs and to co-ordinate with your existing outdoor surroundings. Here at Garden Furniture Life we can provide you with a choice of rattan, textylene, metal or wooden sun loungers, all of which will offer you with a place to lounge, recline and relax on a warm summer’s day. All of the sun loungers we have listed can be left outside all year round and require very little maintenance, however we do also offer some smaller fold away sun loungers should you wish to have something than you can simply take out the shed as and when you need it that will not take up much space.
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4)   The Wooden Garden Bench
Wooden garden benches are a traditional and timeless garden furniture piece. Garden benches are available in either hardwood or softwood both of which have their own unique set of features and benefits. Our garden bench range includes benches that seat from 1 person up to 3 people and come in a variety of different colour finishes. The beauty of a wooden garden bench is that it can provide a comfortable place to relax in the garden or outdoor space and with only a small amount of maintenance can be enjoyed for many years. Why not add an optional plaque and create the perfect place to rest and reminisce about a loved one and times gone by. All types of wooden garden bench can be treated and maintained to keep your garden furniture looking beautiful and rustic throughout the seasons. When properly maintained wooden garden furniture can last for a great number of years.
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5)    The Spreader Bar Hammock
Hammocks have been around since the days when sailors used them aboard their ships to maximise sleeping space whilst still providing a comfortable place to rest their heads. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, colours and styles. There are single user hammocks right up to family sized hammocks that will fit 2 adults and 2 children comfortably! You can select from a variety of different fixtures and fittings to support the hammock depending on whether it is going to be attached between trees, suspended from the ceiling or on a freestanding frame we have all the accessories you could possibly need to get your hammock in place.
The key feature of a spreader bar hammock is that they are much easier to get in and out of when compared with the more traditional Brazilian style hammock. The spreader bar opens up the hammock making it a flatter surface on which to relax also allowing for the sun’s rays to reach you from every angle. Jazz up the look of your garden with the vast array of colour options available.
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